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Candle Making

Candle Making Craft Party
Wicks are dipped into tubs of candle wax. A multi-coloured candle is made.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets Craft Party
Plaster of Paris characters and shapes are painted. Magnets are then attached. Ages 4 to 12 years.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnet Samples
This photo shows just some of the fridge magnet designs that are available.


Fairy Wand craft party
Fairy Rose included wand making in this party

Clay Craft

Clay Craft Party
Using pottery clay, the children create clay craft masterpieces. These are then decorated.

Clay Craft

Clay Craft Party Examples
Some of the clay craft masterpieces. For ages 4 to 12 years.

Jewellery Party

Jewellery Craft Party
Colourful beads, thonging & gut are used to make necklaces and armbands.

Jewellery Party

Jewellery Craft Party
A young model proudly displays her necklace. For ages 8 years and older.


Featherlight Craft Party
Make featherlights using beads, ornaments, mirrors, decorations, etc


Featherlight Craft Party
A close-up of the previous photo. Featherlights are for ages 8 years and older.


Marvelous Medallions Craft Party / Workshop

Kids create wonderful edible neck medals using biscuits, icing and edible decorations. (Age 2 - 8)

Candle Cupcakes Party / Workshop

Children decorate their own cupcake with different colored icing and edible decorations. Each cup cake has its own candle to light and blow. For corporates, we omit the candles. (Age 2 - 8)

Creative Clay Craft Party / Workshop

Using white pottery clay, the children are taught to create and decorate 3 or 4 mini masterpieces to take home to air dry. Older children are challenged to be more creative. (Age 3 - 12)

Wands / Crowns / Sword Decorating Party / Workshop

Lots of cutting, sticking, glitter and glitz in this workshop. (Age 4 - 12)

Mask Making Party / Workshop

Animal or fantasy masks are created using card, paints, feathers, ribbon, pipe cleaners etc. (Age 4 - 12)

Pot Pourri Party / Workshop

Children are shown how to dry the various flowers. They all take part in mixing a “smelly” and colorful pot pourri which they use to fill a pretty, take home bag. They also make a lavender ball to hang in a cupboard. (Age 4 - adult)

Card Making Party / Workshop

From simple stamping to elaborate embossing and embellishing, depending on age, skill, creativity and number of kids attending. (Age 5 - adult)

Creative Bookmarks Party / Workshop

Different styles and techniques can be used in each workshop depending on ages of the kids. (Age 6 - 12)

Christmas Spicy Biscuits Party / Workshop

Homemade traditional star and tree shaped biscuits are iced and decorated to hang on the tree. (Age 3 - 12)

Christmas Tree Decorations Party / Workshop

These seasonal workshops are great fun as there are many different types of glitzy, colourful decorations to be made such as: beaded angels, beaded hoop with bell, bead and sequin ball, wire and bead decorations etc. (Age 4 - 12)

Cracker Creations Party / Workshop

Make, decorate your own cracker filled with sweets. Includes pull cracker bang. (Age 4 - 12)

Fridge Magnets Party / Workshop

Kids are taught how to mold the shapes. They paint their shape, varnish it and stick the magnet on the back. Can be themed magnets to suit the party / occasion eg Easter, Valentine, Christmas. (Age 4 - adult)

Rolled Beeswax Candles Party / Workshop

Candles are decorated with small wax embellishments. Children make 2 different candles each. (Age 6 - adult)

Stained “Glass” Suncatchers Party / Workshop

Using special paint on acetate sheets, the children create a suncatcher. (Age 5 - 12)

Pet Rock Party / Workshop

Pet friends are created using a smooth rock, paints, glitter, feathers, movable eyes etc. (Age 4 - 12)

Egg Creatures Party / Workshop

Blown hens eggs are used to create “eggseptional characters and critters”. Children paint their eggs then transform them into cute people, animals, fish and imaginary creatures. (Age 4 - 12)

Decoupage Glass Containers Party / Workshop

Children do serviette decoupage on glass containers which can be used as pencil holders or flower vases, marble or hair accessory holders. (Age 4 - 12)

Sand Art Pictures Party / Workshop

Choose from a wide variety of A5 size pictures to decorate (Age 5 - 12)

Wire and Bead Teaspoons Party / Workshop

Children make their very own useful beaded spoon with special charm. (Age 6 - adult)

Beaded Zipper Clipper Party / Workshop

A funky beaded clipper for zips, belt loops or bags. (Age 4 - adult)

Beaded Key Ring Party / Workshop

Using a variety of beads in different sizes and colours. (Age 6 - adult)

Creative Chocolate Party / Workshop

Kids make fun things with chocolate, fruit and biscuits. (Age 6 - 12)

Feather Lites Party / Workshop

Hanging creation with feathers, beads, mirrors, glass pebbles. (Age 7 - adult)

Cap Decorating Party / Workshop

Funky and wearable. Caps are decorated with embellishments etc. (Age 6 - teen)

Jewellery Making Party / Workshop

Items made will depend on age / skill of children. Can be armbands or necklaces on memory wire or items using acculon or gut and clasps. (Age 6 - adult)

Bandanna, T-shirt Party / Workshop

Bandanna, Tshirt or pencil bag printing (includes item to be printed / painted). (Age 4 - adult)

Fabric Painting Party / Workshop

Beads and Sequins on Mini shoulder bag includes bag (Age 8 - adult)

Painted Beanie Bag Party / Workshop

Kids paint a bean bag, fill it with wheat and close it. Can be used as a hand warmer when placed in microwave for 1 or 2 minutes. (Age 6 - 12)

Decorated Photo Frames Party / Workshop

Children paint then decorate their photo frame with various embellishments. (Age 4 - adult)

Paint-a-Plate Party / Workshop

Paint different designs on bisque fired plates. Decorative use only. (Age 4 - adult)

Dipped Candle Making Party / Workshop

Children create colorful layered candles which are carved to show the layers. Weekends and public holidays only. (Age 5 - adult)

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