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For Corporate and Kids Entertainment

We have been in the Entertainment Business since 1988


We cater for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Christmas Parties
  • Shopping Centres
  • Product Promotions
  • Busking
  • Family Fun Days
  • Festivals
  • Fund Raising Events
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Below is a brief summary about Sallys Party Services cc and the numerous things that we can do for you.

About Us

We, at SALLYS PARTY SERVICES cc, have been in the Jumping Castle and Entertainment business since 1988. We can provide a complete and wide range of services for large and small parties which will take the load off your shoulders. Some of the items we can provide are:

Jumping Castles in different sizes and styles; Clowns; Face Painters; Magicians; Balloon Modellers; Puppet shows; Jugglers; Fairy Entertainers; Stilt walkers; Buskers, Circus Acts; Kids Trains; Carousels in different styles; Battery Cars, Battery or Petrol Go Karts; Mini Ferris Wheel; Swing Carousel; Single or 4 route Climbing Wall; Mechanical Bull; Seated or Standing Gyro; Dunk Tank; Zorb Balls; Water Balls; Air Bots; Miniature Ponies; Mobile Touch and Feed Farm; Petting Zoo; Edu Zoo; Camel rides; Crafts such as Clay Craft; Fridge Magnets; Beaded Jewellery; Fabric Painting; Candle making etc, Candy Floss, Pop Corn, Party Packets, Birthday Cakes and lots more

Jumping Castles

Jumping Castles come in various sizes so you can choose the perfect jumping castle for your venue. There is the standard jumping castle for small gardens and smaller groups of children. The jumping castle with a slide out to the side and the obstacle ball jumping castle are great for medium size gardens while the gladiator slide jumping castle and the musketeer variety jumping castle need a larger garden. The Lucky Bug cube jumping castle is 3m x 3m x 3m so is ideal for small spaces and smaller numbers of children.


Children of all ages love clowns as they enjoy the goofy humour when the clown can't get something to work and has to rely on instructions from the children before the magic trick can be completed (usually with surprizing results) Children under three years old can be a bit nervous of clowns who wear lots of make up or who are too boisterous so we do have clowns who are great with the age group 3 - 5 years.

Face Painting

All our face painters are experienced and very creative. The imported paints used are hypo allergenic and will wash off easily with water and a little soap. Our face painters dress as clowns, fairies, princesses, colourful characters and even dalmatians or tigers so that they are not seen as "just another mommy" but as part of the entertainment.

Balloon Modelling

Whether you have a balloon modelling clown or a bright colourfully dressed balloon sculptor, the children will be amazed at the variety of balloon animals that are created with special long balloons, some air, a few quick twists and some clever strokes with a koki pen. They will just love the lions, tigers, dinosaurs, elephants, monkeys, fish and many more balloon pets that can be made.


Our award winning magicians will amaze the children (and adults) with their magical skills. Things will disappear, change form, reappear, vanish completely while the magician is involving everyone with his humorous patter.


Let the farmyard come to you. We have the mobile touch and feed farm, also known as a petting zoo which has a variety tame animals for the children to touch and feed. The farm also has a pony for giving pony rides. If you do not have the space for the farm, you can just hire 2 miniature horses (ponies) with saddles so that the children can ride. The animals are always supervised by trained staff. For children 6 years and older, Chris can visit with his amazing Eduzoo. This is a 1 hour show, tell and where possible, touch experience. There are about 10 different mammals, reptiles and birds to intrigue children and adults. If your child has a passion for snakes, we can organise a snake show which includes time at the end to be photographed with the snakes. There is usually a guest appearance of a bearded dragon and an iguana.


We use puppeteers who do amazing puppet shows from mobile puppet theatres. Some of the puppeteers also have marionettes that dance to music and will do ventriloquism with specially created vent puppets. The stories can be pure fantasy or educational in content.

Princess Fairy

Every little girl loves being a princess or a fairy (and sometimes both at the same time) We have some pretty princesses and fairies who will come and do face painting and play games depending on the number of the children at the party. The princess can wear a beautiful long blue dress, pink dress or even a green and white dress like Princess Tiana, the frog princess.Every little girl loves being a princess or a fairy (and sometimes both at the same time) We have some pretty princesses and fairies who will come and do face painting and play games depending on the number of the children at the party. The princess can wear a beautiful long blue dress, pink dress or even a green and white dress like Princess Tiana, the frog princess.

Juggling, Stilt walking, Unicycling, Fire Blowing

These multi skilled entertainers are great at corporate functions and shopping centres as they are very visual and help to create a carnival atmosphere. Not all the entertainers blow fire but many of them can do fire juggling and twirling. This is very effective as a “meet and greet” as guests arrive for an evening function. Fire juggling or blowing is not recommended for indoors. The unicyclists prefer a firm hard surface to ride on as cycling on soft grass can be difficult.

Birthday Cakes

No party is complete without a special birthday cake. By far the most popular choice for the under four year olds is the Barney birthday cake, with a Pooh Bear cake and Tigger cake coming in second and third. We have a wide range of girly cakes like the Barbie and Fairy Princess cakes as well as animal cakes such as the pony or the unicorn cakes. For the boys, they are spoiled for choice as there are the super hero cakes such as Superman, Spiderman, Batman, The Hulk or there are various racing cars, motorbikes or even Speed McQueen.

Trains Carousels etc

Should you require a special kids carousel, we can supply Heather's kids carousel, the mushroom carousel, the aeroplane helicopter carousel or the animal carousel. The swing carousel comes in a birthday size, 4 swing carousel or the larger 12 seater swing carousel. For a carnival theme party, there is even a 12 seater mini big ferris wheel. All these rides are delivered and supervised. There are a number of trains available such as Terry's train, DJ's Express train, Bert's Party Express Train. These trains seat 8 to 12 children.

Party Games

Bev, Karyn and Melissa all play party games with children of all ages. The games will be age appropriate and usually involve music, running around, some team work and lots of imagination. Depending on the age group and your requirements, they can play the good old sack races, “egg” and spoon, 3 legged races as well as musical bumps etc. If the children are very young, the games will be more informal but very imaginative. The games can played on their own or in conjunction with face painting or balloon modelling for all the children. A unique treasure hunt with a small prize for each child can also be added. If given sufficient time, the games can be adapted to suit a theme like “Dora the Explorer” or “How to train your dragon & Viking skills” or “Toy Story” party.


To complete your special function, we will also arrange your catering such as the hiring of candy floss machines and popcorn machines, Slush Puppy machines, table top soft serve ice cream machines or even a soft serve ice cream van. Savory and Sweet platters can also be arranged.


Other supervised, fun equipment that can be hired is the mechanical bull, the 4 route rock climbing wall or the single route scaffold climbing wall with or without a foefie slide, the seated or standing gyro, the 2 seater parachute ride or the 4 or 8 seater multi lift parachute ride or even a shooting tunnel so that shooting enthusiasts can fire away in safety. In Summer, you can hire the dunk tank or the bubble balls. There is a single station birthday bungee trampoline or the larger 4 station bungee trampoline for bigger functions.


Our Walk about animal characters (bunny, kangaroo, tiger, dinosaur, bear, dalmatian) are more for “meet and greet” situations such as shopping centres or family fun days because with their painted faces instead of the big head, mascot type face, our animal characters are able to talk to and interact with the children. They can be used at parties to do a “Meet and Greet” for a short while as children arrive and then the character can do face painting to compliment the theme of your party. For example, the tiger can be used for a jungle party or the bunny used at an Alice in Wonderland theme party. Other Characters that will compliment your theme are the “Pink” princesses (Barbie or Disney Princess Aurora), the “Blue” princess (Cinderella), the “Green” princess (Princess Tiana - the frog princess), Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, a Viking, a pirate or a mermaid

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