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Gladiator Jumping Castle Back View
Gladiator Jumping Castle Front View

Gladiator Jumping Castle

Suitable Ages: 3 to 12

At the back of the Gladiator Jumping Castle, there is a cargo net. Children climb up the cargo net to the top of the hump and then slide down. A hose with a spray nozzle can be used to wet the castle. (There is a strap to hold the hose.) This makes the slide lightning fast! A ground sheet (not shown in these photos) is attached to the front of the castle to act as a landing zone.

The Gladiator Jumping Castle is 7.5m long and 4.5m wide (without the ground sheet). Allow additional space for the ground sheet (if being used with water). Also, allow space to one side for the motor.

Jumping Castle Size: Width: 3.6m, Length: 7.5m, Height: 2.55m, Motor: 1.7m (left or right), Groundsheet: 6m (front).

Musketeer Jumping Castle, View from the Left
Musketeer Jumping Castle, View from the Right

Musketeer Jumping Castle

Suitable Ages: 2 to 12

This is the "All for one and one for all" castle with something for ages 2 to 12 years. In front, is a flat jumping area. Behind this is an inflated wall with a cut out section on top. Older children can straddle this wall and use pummels to try to knock an opponent off the wall.

To the right is another inflated area with obstacles (half moons, biffer poles and a half doughnut) which the younger children use to climb on, over and crawl through. Behind these obstacles is an inflated wall with a square hole through which the children clamber to get into the safe jumping area in the middle.

On the opposite wall is a combat net for the children to climb up. This takes them to the top of the slide and they are able to then slide down the Musketeer Jumping Castle to the left. The adventurous child can always attempt to climb up the slide and then climb down the combat net into the central jumping area!

Jumping Castle Size: Width: 9m, Length: 4.5m, Height: 2.5m, Motor: 1.7m (back).

Enclosed Cube Jumping Castle (Lucky Bug)

Enclosed Cube Jumping Castle

Suitable Ages: 4 to 10

The Lucky Bug is an enclosed, cube jumping castle. There is a door (on the left in the photo) to get inside. Children enjoy chasing balloons around inside the bug.

There are clear windows so that parents can look in and children can see out.

Jumping Castle Size: Width: 3m, Length: 3m, Height: 3m, Motor: 1.7m (back), Anchor ropes: allow 1.5m all around.

Small Jumping Castle

Small Jumping Castle

Suitable Ages: 2 to 10

This is a plain jumping castle. It has a step in front to make it easier for smaller children to climb onto the castle.

Jumping Castle Size: Width: 3.7m, Length: 3.2m, Height: 2.7m, Motor: 1.8m (back), Step 0.6m (front).

Slide Jumping Castle

Slide Jumping Castle

Suitable Ages: 2 to 10

This is a combination jumping castle and slide. Think of it as a "Junior Gladiator". It has a step in front to make it easier for smaller children to climb onto the jumping castle.

Jumping Castle Size: Width: 3.6m, Length: 3.4m, Height: 2.3m, Motor: 1.7m (back), Slide: 2.3m (left), Step: 0.6m (front).

Obstacle Ball Jumping Castle

Obstacle Ball Jumping Castle

Suitable Ages: 2 to 6

This is a combination ball castle and jumping castle. The front half has a plain jumping castle surface. There is a step in front so that smaller children can easily climb onto the jumping castle.

There is a divider wall (obstacle) across the middle of the jumping castle. Behind this wall is a bath shaped hollow that is filled with approximately 600 plastic balls. Children can climb over this obstacle and jump into the balls.

Jumping Castle Size: Width: 3.6m, Length: 4.3m, Height: 2.4m, Motor: 1.8m (back), Step: 0.6m (front).

Giant Boxing Gloves

Giant Boxing Gloves

Suitable Ages: 4 to 12

These giant boxing gloves can be hired with any jumping castle. Both boys and girls enjoy slogging it out.

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