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DJs Express Train

DJs Express train
This kids train pulls two 4 seater coaches. It is suitable for grass or paving.

Terry´s Train

Terry´s Train
Terry´s kids train pulls two coaches. It can seat 8 children.

Aeroplane Carousel

Aeroplane Carousel
This kids carousel has 4 aeroplanes and 4 helicopters.

Mushroom Carousel

Mushroom Carousel
This is a 8 character kids carousel. It is trailer mounted.

Heather's Carousel

Heather´s 7 Character Carousel
This is a 7 character, 8 seater kids carousel. It is trailer mounted.

Swing Carousel

Four Seater Swing Carousel
This four seater kids swing carousel is trailer mounted.

Petrol Go Kart

Petrol Go Kart (Go Cart)
These go karts (go carts) are suitable for older children and adults.

Battery Cars

Battery Cars
Inspector Pana keeps a close eye on the young learner drivers in these battery driven kids cars.

Battery Go Karts

Battery Go Karts (Go Carts)
These battery driven kids go karts (go carts) have an inflatable track.

Mini Big Wheel

Mini Big Wheel (Ferris Wheel)
This kids ferris wheel (big wheel) has 6 cages with 2 seats per cage. It is trailer mounted.

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